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In this blog we take a look back at some recent jobs that we were quite proud of and remembered to take some pictures of. It’s a bad practice for a climber to bring a mobile phone up into the tree, and its unwise for a ground rigger to take their phone in and out of their pocket between the fall zone and the wood chipper. Although it might have been irresponsible we did manage to get some footage of the neat things we do. Please enjoy responsibly!

The Rock House

The Rock House

Some of you may be lucky enough to know of this lovely place along the Rio Grande called “the rock house”. My friends live there and are just the most warm and wonderful people you could ever meet. Like many New Mexicans, these acute and resourceful folks are used to solving problems and doing all ...

Just A Little Trip

Just A Little Trip

It started, as these things always do, by answering my phone. I never know what to expect when it rings—it could be someone who wants a tiny bush trimmed, or a telemarketer, or maybe someone with something much more interesting for me. This young man was calling to find an arborist willing to drive out ...

A Walk in the Bosque

A Walk in the Bosque

The phone rang. It was my neighbor from down by the river. I’ve worked for them before taking some deadwood from high up in their sprawling bosque cottonwood trees. The word “bosque” literally means forest, but here in northern New Mexico it refers to the cottonwood forest in the flood plains of the rivers ...

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Reza F. in Ranchitos, NM

Reza F.
Ranchitos, NM

Vangie V. in Espanola, NM

Knowledgeable of the business, professional, great attitude, they did a great clean up. The cost was very reasonable. I highly recommend to anyone needing any of their tree services.

Vangie V.
Espanola, NM

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