Arborist Consultations


Have a tree mystery?  Are insects eating your trees?  Is your tree dying, and you don’t know why?  Call Baby Gorilla Tree Service today and schedule an arborist consultation.

Our owner and arborist, Anthony Alvarez, loves a good mystery, and he will use the very essence of method to unravel your tree woes.  Anthony is very knowledgable about many tree diseases and insects.  And if he is unsure, he can often take a sample of your tree for diagnosis from the lab.  An arborist must be acutely observant in order to ensure the lab will have sufficient information to diagnose the issue.  The first step is to identify the species of tree, as each tree is susceptible to different diseases, insects, and pathogens.  This can often help narrow down the possible culprits right away.  Yet, everything must be considered in tree diagnosis ranging from recent construction all the way back to the original planting.

Here is an interesting example of a real mystery recently solved by arborist Anthony Alvarez of Baby Gorilla Tree Service:

A customer called to find out what was wrong with her apple trees.  The leaves seemed healthy and insect free.  The apples tasted fine.  But what concerned the customer was that when she cut an apple in half, she could see lines of brown inside the fruit.  She had not found any worms but was concerned that these apples should not be eaten.  She asked the Baby Gorilla to help.

After a thorough investigation, Anthony found no evidence of bugs or anything in the roots or foliage to indicate a pathogen.  He had just cut a sample for analysis when the answer to the mystery nearly flew right into his face.  These rust brown colored lines were the result of hummingbirds!  They had been drinking the juice out of the ripe apples.  When they pulled their needle-like beaks out, the pulp of the fruit oxidized leaving the brown lines.  “Your apples are safe to eat,” said Anthony, “that is, if you don’t mind eating after a bird!”

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