Tree Pruning

Q1Do you have overgrown elm trees?  Are your cottonwood trees shedding big branches way up above your house?  Have you let your fruit trees go too long without a haircut?  You need some tree pruning!

At Baby Gorilla Tree Service we specialize in revealing the natural beauty of trees.  Trimming helps a tree live a long and healthy life; makes trees resistant to pathogens, insects, and disease; and brings up property value.  Most of the time, your trees can be pruned without the use of big heavy machinery.  In fact, we climb nearly every tree when pruning, using the latest techniques and tools in the arborist’s bag.  We DO NOT climb using spikes when pruning.  This prevents damaging the tree and leaving unsightly marks that attract disease and insects.  Instead, our arborist uses some fancy tools to set a climbing rope high in the tree.  He then shimmies up the line using foot ascenders and a special climbing knot.  Once in the tree, he can easily swing from branch to branch, accessing the highest parts of your tree.

Do you need your whole tree pruned so that it can grow healthily and live a long time? Or do you just need one or two branches trimmed off that are threatening to damage your house?  Our owner and arborist Anthony will give you his honest, expert opinion so that you can make a well informed decision about your tree trimming job!

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