Tree Removal

Blue4We all love trees, but not all trees return the love.  Consider the case of one that’s growing too close to your house and has died.  That poor hazardous tree is surely a candidate for tree removal.  Here at Baby Gorilla Tree Service, we have seen it all when it comes to tree woes.  And we know how to deal with those big dangerous tree removals.  We’ve dropped trees between houses, near power lines, and often between other trees that we want to save.  Our arborist and owner Anthony knows every trick in the book.  But please be aware that the playbook becomes much smaller and the options for removal dwindle if the tree is totally dead!  Calling before your tree is completely dead makes removal less dangerous and thus less expensive.  If you know you will have to remove a tree before it starts damaging your house or obstructing your view, remember the cost goes up as the tree grows larger.  Large tree removal is our speciality, but if you want to save money, then simply plan ahead!  Prune that big tree while it is still manageable and before it becomes a Betty, what Anthony calls a big tough tree, and also what he calls his runt Great Pyrenees!

Give us a call today for your free estimate.  Anthony, and sometimes Betty-dog too, will come right out and take a look at your big hazardous tree and give you his no obligation opinion.  If removal is what you need, Anthony will let you know how we can get it done.


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